Our name AUSSCO comes from Australia. The company was founded, the first yarns were from Australia. For many years, maybe first 30 of our 58, we were known as Australia knitting factory.

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The mission of Aussco is to take our wisdom and push the boundaries in every corner of our industry. We make opportunities, not just find them.

“To accomplish great things we must dream as well as act.”
— Anatole France

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What we do and our approach

The Platform
Co-creative Platform
The latest addition to the group serves as the innovation cocreative space and platform.

The Creator
Fashion & Trend Arm.
The fashion- and trend-focused company that services clients from research, design and sampling.

A Matter of Design
The Mover
Retail + Distribution Partner.
An integrated solution that provides tech solutions, supplychain, retail operation, distribution channels and brand management.


We will lead the innovative knitted lifestyle category and become the partner most-sought after globally for consistent, high-quality and high-tech products.

  • Investing in technology

  • Transforming our culture

  • Co-creation with partners

  • Shifting perspectives

  • Fostering sustainability

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Grant J. E. Philips

Sr. Vice President, Aussco

As a leading manufacturing supplier, staying ahead of market trends is crucial for our success. Before discovering Jelli.studio, we often felt overwhelmed trying to sift through vast amounts of market data. But Jelli.studio has transformed our approach. Their platform provides incisive market trends analysis, cutting through the noise and offering us clear, actionable insights. Beyond just trends, their in-depth market analysis has empowered us to make strategic decisions with confidence. With Jelli.studio, we’re not just reacting to the market; we’re proactively shaping our offerings for future demands. A tremendous asset for any supplier looking to excel in today’s fast-paced market.

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  • Aussco Hong Kong
    Unit 2112, Level 21, Two Harbour Square,
    180 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Aussco Shanghai
    Office A, 2th Floor, Building 1, No. 181 of Zhen Ning Road, Changning Dist., Shanghai, China.
  • Aussco China
    Qiaozi Road, Qiaozi village, Changping Town, Dongguan Guangdong, China
  • Aussco Cambodia
    605 6/F, TM281 office, Tower 1, 281 Preach Norodom Blvd,  Phnom Penh, Cambodia.